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Frequently asked questions and answers about Cindy's services.  Click on a question to reveal her answer.  If your question is not shown or you need more information please contact Cindy HERE.
Skin Care Answers by Cindy

+ Which skin treatment should I get?


+ Do I have to use your products?


+ How often do I have to come? One and done?

Permanent Make Up Answers by Cindy

+ What is Permanent Make Up?


+ I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow, can I get my eyebrows tattooed today?


+ How am I going to look after I have Permanent Make Up?


+ Why do I have to have touch ups?

Electrolysis Answers by Cindy 

+ Why should I have electrolysis over laser?


+ Why do I have to let the hair grow in?


+ How often do I have to come in?


+ Can I just come once? Then see if those hairs come back?

Make Up Application Answers by Cindy

+ Why should I have you do my make up?


+ I'm having a professional head shot done from my business, do I have to wear make up?


+ Do I have to buy your make up?