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Image Derm Hydrofusion (Microdermabrasion with Infusion)
Improve the look of your skin.

Cindy Martell is the first facility on the east coast to have this new "state of the art machine" which exfoliates with a diamond tip and can Infuse products into the skin.  The exfoliation is done with NO crystals, just a diamond tip, which removes the outer layers of the skin that have been damaged by age, acne scarring, sun exposure and other environmental factors.  Exfoliation prepares the skin for the Infusion of products. 

Hydrofusion by Cindy Martell

Once the skin is exfoliated, Infusion of the proper products, for your skin type and skin concerns can then begin. 

  • Skin lightening for hyperpigmented, and discoloration. 
  • Vitamin C for acne with high levels of bacteria.  It is also healing and can be used to help build collagen in the weak or thin skin.
  • Plumping/Moisturizer, with Hyaluronic acid is an excellant lubricant used to plump the skin. 
  • Peptides and Antioxidants, which are the building blocks for the skin.

This treatment can be done alone or I can add one of the serums to be infused with your current treatment, depending on your needs. 

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