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Skin Care by Cindy 



What Is A Good Skin Care Plan?

This can be very confusing based on what is on the market and sold in stores. There are hundreds of products with conflicting and exaggerated claims. Much of what you read and hear is based on marketing tactics rather than scientific information or clinical results.

Here Are The Facts.

Over the counter products can be ineffective for two reasons. One, the concentration of the active ingredient is often too low; and two, the active ingredient can actually be in a form that does not penetrate the skin.  Let Cindy show you what really works when it comes to skin care.

How Cindy Can Help.

Cindy Martell is a licensed medical esthetician and will be able to evaluate your skin's needs.  With a complimentary skin consultation, Cindy will accurately offer the best products and skin care procedures to help you attain the beautiful and youthful skin appearance that you are looking for. Request your Free Skin Consultation today!



What Causes
Signs of Aging?

Internal Factors

  1. Natural Aging Process
  2. Hormones 

External Factors

  1. Sun & Photodamage 
  2. Environmental Damage


How Do I Correct
Signs of Aging?

A Skin Care Regimen and Facial Treatments at prescription strength as recommended by your medical esthetician specially designed for your desired results, the current condition of your skin and your lifestyle.

Cindy offers personal attention to the details of your skin's well-being.



All drugs and cosmetics are manufactured in accordance with State and Federal (FDA)
regulations and in
 compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)